Random Thoughts 1

Wandering the net today, and I figured my blahg would be the place to jot down a few of my brief thoughts. To spank or not to spank: The age old question, or so it seems: If you crave being spanked for punishment, would it not be more punishing to not be spanked? For some, … Continue reading Random Thoughts 1

Fiction: Sophie’s Discipline Journal

If you're like me, you have stuff around the house you haven't looked at for years — things you want to toss but, you just know if you do, you'll need that thing for something. The upshot of this neurosis is that one room of the house must be sacrificed to the god of storage. … Continue reading Fiction: Sophie’s Discipline Journal

Fiction: Turning Her Over – Part 2

Today she came home angry. It has been that kind of week, each day a crisis. Sunday ...Carrie was depressed, dreading work the next day. Monday …was managed, her nemesis had business elsewhere, but my wife still found herself caught up in what has become a sustained disappointment with her job. Tuesday ...was bad. Carrie's … Continue reading Fiction: Turning Her Over – Part 2