Check Ingredients Before Buying

The other day I was enjoying nora’s story on her blog and then, in a subsequent post, she asked for suggestions regarding new stories. This got me thinking about the different types of spanking narratives. I tend to want to categorize things to put them into perspective, so that could be taken as a warning here if you’re not so inclined.

Nora’s recent tale is a favorite kind for me in terms of relationships, motivation, consent and other elements that we could specify in order to distinguish types of spanking stories from one another. Having considered what I’ve written over the years, I see in terms of numbers that they don’t accurately represent my broader and sometimes more ardent tastes. If I were asked for an opinion, I would advise someone producing non-commercial art of any kind to create to please an audience of one — themselves. Why I haven’t followed my own advice must be due to perceived social pressure and wanting to please and not offend a more general audience of spanking enthusiasts. I always enjoyed what I wrote but, apparently, I tended to steer away from some scenarios. And with that in mind, I’m making a list of themes that I find are important considerations when conceptualizing a story about discipline, and in the shape of a poll (there’s no mechanism for choosing an option) that you may answer for yourself or comment on if you’d like. I’d be interested to know what readers of this blahg read or avoid.

In no particular order…

Consent is what most of us think of as essential in a spanking relationship, and any sort of coercion that forces a person to accept a spanking they haven’t asked for is unacceptable. A spanking story is fantasy, or possibly a historical account, where no person today is being harmed. So what best describes your taste? My suggestion to nora would be another story of old-fashioned discipline, where someone has misbehaved, and an unwanted spanking is imposed in order to correct that behavior.

  • A. I read and enjoy only stories involving consenting adults.
  • B. I enjoy non-consensual situations where a spanking is forced on the recipient “for their own good” or as a fair measure of justice imposed.

Setting plays an important role for me in stories involving discipline. Whether it’s a period piece, or takes place in the present, corporal punishment scenes are typically either domestic or institutional. In the former setting, there is usually a close personal relationship between the authority figure and the one in trouble. The location is most likely in the home, but may also be outside, in the woodshed or, in rare cases, in a more public place. School is the common setting for institutional punishment, where relationships with principals and teachers are less personal, but classmates may be a different story. Detention facilities or judicial sentences may involve no meaningful personal connections. A setting that I feel is a combination of domestic and institutional elements is the professional disciplinarian, where the relationship tends to be personal, but is also a specialized service and transactional. While I enjoy all these situations, I favor a domestic setting and a close personal relationship. Hows about you?

  • A. As long as there is spanking, I don’t care what the setting is.
  • B. I have a strong preference for one of either domestic or institutional discipline.

Gender pairing is an important consideration for many spanking story enthusiasts. That must be why authors often label their offerings with gender and role specifications. Check the ingredients before buying. A common requirement is Male/spanking/female or, regardless of disciplinarian, at least a naughty girl on the right side of the slash. Others only like males under the thumb of a powerful woman, and rare in my neck of the woods, M and m. I enjoy all pairings. The writer should write to please the writer.

  • A. When it comes to gender, I am particular about what I read.
  • B. With regard to role, I am open to all gender pairings. 

Fact or fiction is another consideration related to setting. Is this spanking an account of a real life event? Adult domestic discipline is accepted as a matter of routine, but childhood memories are controversial. I assume everyone into discipline spanking likes real life stories about adults. I also enjoy childhood accounts, as long as they are not sexual in nature, and the author is not advocating for the practice.

  • A. I don’t read childhood accounts. Keep your memories to yourself.
  • B. I enjoy reading about archetypal discipline, the experience of the child, the authentic model for discipline I enjoy as an adult.  

Shame or embarrassment is the emotional counterpart to the physical pain of corporal punishment. Is it a coincidence that blood flows and cheeks blush? Not everyone experiences punishment the same — one’s shame is another’s proud acceptance of their fate. Exposure could be cringingly embarrassing, or an exhibitionistic pleasure. How deeply does it cut? Let’s remove degradation from the menu here. This is not about harming someone psychologically. I know many hate to see any form of humiliation, and it’s viewed as a negative way to approach discipline. For others, like me, that emotional pain is more important than the physical. The tangible pain applied to the buttocks is an ordeal to stimulate the brain. A creative disciplinarian, and storyteller, is the key to excitement, but finding the right flavor is critical when serving up such volatile potions.

  • A. A little embarrassment goes a long way. Humiliation, even purportedly harmless, is a no-go for me.
  • B. I enjoy stories where shame, embarrassment and humility are inherent in the drama of punishment.

Privacy is a typical feature of modern day corporal punishment. Outside of productions made for consumer entertainment, how many traditional disciplinary spankings have you witnessed in your life? None since childhood for me, but damn the reality. Public or witnessed punishments make for popular spanking tales, and when we’re free to fantasize, there are so many possible scenarios where the drama and shame is exposed to an audience that may be expecting or surprised, engaged or offended, compassionate or cruel. Is the disciplinary scene seen or only heard? I know nora enjoys the extra spice that witnessed spankings provide. Sign me up, as well.

  • A. I prefer private, intimate scenes, or the more realistic circumstances where a culprit’s corporeal comeuppance is not served up for public consumption.
  • B. Shame and embarrassment make for a vital component of effective punishment. It would be the wasting of a valuable resource to exclude any available audience from lending an eye to the situation.

Punishment is not always the same thing as discipline, even when discipline is punishment. The difference to me often has to do with the meeting of goals, as opposed to enduring a penalty for bad behavior where there was no conscious plan beforehand to “work” on that issue. Examples of the former would be a spanking for cheating on your diet, smoking when you’re trying to quit, swearing when you want to clean up your act, not meeting a goal for self-improvement that you made for yourself, etc.. I see that as a clearer expression of discipline. Punishment is purely a penalty, and usually for behavior that is considered bad regardless of the miscreant’s opinion about it, or whether or not they actually want to change. Examples, of course, are numerous: fraud, theft, vandalism, cheating, bullying, offensive disrespect, dangerously irresponsible or self-destructive behavior… you get the idea. My favorite scenario is punishment, usually involving some form of significant delinquent behavior, and some measure of rehabilitation.

  • A. I enjoy stories of spanking discipline, but keep it light. Spanking is not an appropriate or effective way to handle serious issues that should require law enforcement or professional counseling.
  • B. Whether spanking is appropriate for serious issues or not, I like stories where the merging of crime and punishment ends with a sore bottom.

Romance is at the heart of many spanking tales, even those where spanking is used as genuine punishment. These types of stories may involve sex, often explicitly. There may be descriptions of arousal before or after the punishment, or more paradoxical, while it’s happening. The spanker may touch, stroke, or with other sensual intent, make it an erotic experience for the naughty one. The spanking must serve as both discipline and sexual foreplay, and these kinds of stories often end in bed, so to speak. While in real life, I enjoy romantic spankings, reading about them is usually not as exciting for me.

  • A. I need the romance. Spanking, even as punishment, is sexual and, without at least some expression of sexual intent, or implied sexual connection and conclusion, something vital is missing.
  • B. It makes sense that punishment would not include explicit eroticism. I enjoy stories depicting non-sexual discipline.

Dominance and submission play a central role in many stories that feature spanking discipline. I’m not talking about a disciplinarian who has been put in a position of authority, and someone who lives under the rule of that authority. The least dominant personality can be a father, a teacher, a spouse, a friend, an objective judge and jury. The least submissive kind of person can find themselves over the proverbial knee. The D/s I’m talking about here is the expression of taking charge or surrendering because that is literally who the characters are. A Dom. A sub. The reason for the spanking is often simply to assert and accommodate those roles. This isn’t really my thing, but much depends on the characters. If I like the characters, I’m drawn to the story despite my weak relationship to it personally.

  • A. My interest in spanking stories is an attraction to D/s.
  • B. When I look for stories about discipline, D/s is not a required feature of the dynamic.  

Ritual is often the meat of a spanking scene or short story. It requires deliberation and patience on the part of the disciplinarian, obedience and cooperation on the part of the one being disciplined. The antithesis is a spontaneous combustion, a lashing out, where without pause to rationalize, one is dragged kicking and screaming to their old-fashioned reckoning. I’m a big fan of ritual, where a spanking is a ceremonial event, everything carefully considered for maximum emotional and psychological impact. We have plenty of time to process the meaning of the event, and the character of our characters. The anticipation, the lecture, scolding, corner time, the exacting positions to be assumed, the exposure of what would normally be hidden, the aftercare, the aftermath and more is a story told thousands of times but, if handled right, never gets old. I like every juicy bit.

  • A. Too much ritual can quickly become tedious. Get to the point already.
  • B. Stretch it. Ritual is the lifeblood of spanking. Spare me no detail.

Building a context in which spanking may live and have meaning is the advantage of a longer story. A great deal of time can be spent elaborating on the setting, getting to know the main characters, chronicling the background and behavior that results in consequences, and then the follow up to expound on what the punishment accomplished. The challenge is to hold the reader’s interest when they’re there for the spanking. That’s probably why most spanking stories I’ve read are short, and the long ones I’ve written were likely not read. Ideally, I want longer stories with lots of development and suspense.

  • A. I look for short stories that quickly get to the spanking, or skip ahead to the good parts.
  • B. I like stories of all lengths, and have the time and patience for narratives that create the larger context.

8 thoughts on “Check Ingredients Before Buying

  1. I was so freakin’ happy to see this post from you! I LOVE how you have laid this out, Franz. It’s funny…when I sit down to write a spanking story, I don’t consciously think of these things. I have stories just playing in my mind and I try to get them down on paper as fast as I can when they come to me. In that way, I don’t really have a process like many writers do. So…to answer your A & B points….

  2. B. I definitely prefer non-consensual spankings. This is a key feature for me. In real life, I like to practice consensual non-consent. But in my spanking fiction… I want a strong man to give a sound spanking to a naughty female…whether she wants it or not!
    A. I don’t care about the setting much, and I rarely spend much time developing this in my own stories.
    A I prefer M/f, though I read F/f quite a bit. And if I am reading accounts of childhood spankings, I enjoy F/fm. The only thing I am not a fan of is reading about grown men being spanked. I totally respect it, but it just doesn’t turn me on.
    B. I LOVE reading accounts of childhood spankings, especially true ones.
    B. LOTS of shame, please!
    B. I love for there to be a witness. If Daddy is delivering the spanking, having mom there to watch or a sibling peering around the corner is always a welcomed addition!
    B. While I don’t distinguish discipline and punishment in the same way… YES PLEASE! This has to be an element for me… I don’t do “spankings as foreplay” kind of stories.
    A and B. I don’t mind a little romance between a husband and wife, but the spanking needs to be for discipline.
    B. D/s is not a requirement
    A and B. I like to read about rituals, but some go too over the top. I like the basic things…being informed of the spanking, preparing for the spanking, the actual spanking, and after the spanking. Going into too much detail about clothing, the placement of a spanking chair, etc. can get boring to me.
    A and B. I tend to gravitate toward shorter stories (3-4 pages in a word doc), but if it is really well-written I will stick out the whole thing without skipping to the spanking.

    1. Hey nora! Thank you for answering the poll. ❤

      I'm not surprised we have similar feelings about most of the themes. Like you, I don't consciously go through a checklist like this before writing. It's an afterthought now, and I can see what themes I gravitated to in the past, and also where I shied away from situations I like. I know it's all pretty general, but I hope something in there might help to trigger an idea or two for you when you're writing a future story. XO

      1. It was really neat to see it laid out this way, Franz! I’m not sure I had ever intentionally sat back and thought through my positions on each of these aspects. It was very helpful, actually. Like you, I am not surprised we have a lot of similar feelings…it seems like we are very much on the same page with regard to kink 🙂

  3. It would be wonderful to have a chance to actually answer the survey directly.

    My answers

    First, I think that the submissive should have expressed consent ahead of time. However, once that has occurred, there should absolutely Not be consent to punishment, She should be punished as He sees appropriate, and she should also be expected to accept her punishment cooperatively and submissively and appreciatively, and she should be required to express her thanks afterwards.

    2. Settings can vary. In some situations, an element of her feeling witnessed by another can assist with putting her in the proper state of mind.

    3. My preference is simply for a MF pairing and that one partner or the other be fully in charge.

    4. The submissive should be an adult. That said, it is only natural the being on the receiving end of a spanking would feel quite childish. It is proper, and in fact, preferred that the submissive be made to feel like a naughty boy or naughty girl. Props, such as outfits, can assist with this dynamic.

    5. Shame is at the “essence” of a spanking. The subject should be made to feel thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed and, even, humiliated. There are an infinite number of ways to accomplish this. One way, with a naughty woman, is to bare her breasts for her spanking. Even if, assuming, her breasts are not specifically to be spanked, the exposure she feels adds Many ingredients to her experience. And there can be many peripheral benefits. For instance, her nipples may become erect. This fact should be commented upon and she should be required to explain why her nipples are excited.If she should become even More aroused at this turn of events, methods should be taken to increase her humiliation even more.

    6. In fantasy, of COURSE, the addition of a public component enhances the overall excitement of the spanking account.

    7. My preference is actually that punishment not occur for Real things, but for things that are essentially made up as a part of the play. Most exciting is if there is some semi-real way in which she has been naughty and being called on it makes her blush. After that, what is to follow should be Very serious.

    8. I’m not sure Romance is the word I would use, but I am very pro-eroticism. This can easily be incorporated into the punishment. For instance, a simply squeeze of her bare nipples can make her feel both very aroused and yet to feel ‘punished’ like a naughty girl at the same time. In a certain setting, when she is bent over for her spanking, after she has been sufficiently SPANKED, her punishment can be enhanced by playing with her between her legs and sending her over the edge with desire. If, between a man and a woman, intercourse is to follow, it should be entirely on His terms. Often, this might involve him deciding to press his penis inside her naughty hole and make her take it in a way that does not reward her with an orgasm.

    In the case of a man being punished as a “boy” the female dominant might wish to fondle his penis or to slide her finger up inside him and chastise him if it penis remains erect. She might humiliate him further by making him admit something like “It makes my excited to have to take it up the ass.” From there, she might wish to have her way with him however she desires.

    9. As to dominance, one person should be in Full control.

    10. It should be Entirely ritualized. The subject should be made to feel that he or she has been naughty and what follows should be a process. It should be prolonged. Just imagining Nora, above, if she were naughty, she should be required to admit as much during the initial “conversation.” Then she should be required to change into her punishment uniform, whatever it might be, and then to serve a reasonable time in corner time to reflect on her behavior. She should be made to feel like her soft round bottom is thoroughly on display and that she has been a very naughty girl. Adding some lines can help, as well. When the time comes, it should be understood that she will have to ask for her spanking, and she should be required to use the very word spanking. Added surprises can intensify the experience, such as requiring her to ask for her spanking to be with her thighs spread or for the spanking to be inside her bottom crack. If there has been an established routine, she might know that at the end of the spanking she is required to get on her knees and take the man’s penis deeply inside her mouth, making her mouth like a little pussy, until the man is fully satisfied.

    11. I’m for briefer context. The key is the dynamic at which the important conversation occurs.

    1. Hi Thomas! I really enjoyed reading your answers to this poll. I have to say, I was shocked to read, “My preference is actually that punishment not occur for Real things, but for things that are essentially made up as a part of the play.” I had no idea you felt this way! Learning new things about you all the time 🙂

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