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Wandering the net today, and I figured my blahg would be the place to jot down a few of my brief thoughts.

To spank or not to spank: The age old question, or so it seems: If you crave being spanked for punishment, would it not be more punishing to not be spanked?

For some, probably, but it depends on the craving, the context, the degree and how one conceptualizes punishment. People who ask this question must not have my kink.

Before entering into the consensual adult discipline arena, should all the details of spanking be thoroughly discussed, understood and agreed to?

This is obviously the safest way to proceed, but what if your thing is to relinquish control and actually feel punished?

I saw this tweet from a domme. “There’s no shame in being defeated by someone like me.”

Well, where’s the fun in that? No pain, no gain. No shame, no game. Without the indignity, why would I want to play? And I know oversized egos can be a plus for D/s dynamics. Just not for me.

Bonnie asked: “Would you accept a spanking from a spanking machine? How about a spanking robot?”

I love this question. And it’s an amusing one, as well. First, in a Sci-Fi story, wouldn’t it be interesting, or dare I say exciting, if a machine had the directive or desire to punish naughty humans without human consent? Second, I like the idea of a flesh and blood disciplinarian using a machine as their chosen implement or tool for spanking. When you get right down to it, conventional punishment is not administered by the paddle, but by the one choosing its target and controlling its impact. A machine can be designed and programmed for a highly precise execution of justice.

Bonnie also asked: “Do you think that adult spanking is inherently sexual?”

It is for me. But it’s a loaded question because my fetish is focused on non-sexual motivation and intent.

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 1

  1. I love reading random thoughts by Franz! As to the question about it being more punishing to not be spanked… when people ask me this, I realize that they do not understanding spanking from my perspective. Spankings hurt a good deal, and I will do a lot to avoid one (I will actually be a good girl!). With that said, I also crave being held accountable… and a spanking is a damn good consequence for misbehavior. But I am guessing that the people who ask this sort of a question must assume that people who need to be spanked have a pain fetish. I do not. Oh…and spanking machines… I have a good deal of fantasies about those πŸ™‚

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, nora. There’s a world of difference between craving pain and craving discipline, however, spanking can serve either purpose. From my own experience, I know that spanking can provide a specific kind of pain to be enjoyed, or a specific kind of punishment to fulfill the need for discipline. If one truly craves the pain of spanking, then it may not provide the fulfillment of punishment. If one needs spanking to feel punished, and isn’t particularly masochistic, then it is certainly possible for that spanking to be convincingly unpleasant, and to get the desired message across. And on the other subject β€” not every spanko is on board with spanking machines. It’s so cool to see that you fantasize about them. πŸ™‚

      1. Well said, Franz! You continue to amaze me by how well you articulate your thoughts on these matters. I often read your words and think– yes, exactly! I am more clumsy when it comes to expressing these thoughts. And on spanking machines… I really need to write out one of my fantasies about this subject, I have quite a few… πŸ˜‰

      2. Thank you, nora. Since first finding your blog, and in all of our discussions, I’ve been attracted to how well you articulate your thoughts on these matters. And I would love to read your fantasies about spanking machines! ❀

  2. Franz, what a very interesting piece! I too find that people who ask why I feel the need to be held accountable with a spanking/caning, have no concept of the need to feel humbled. My own needs are complex, I do need the pain a sound spanking delivers, it cleanses my mind of negativity. I also need to feel humbled and accountable, so unlike Nora, rather than try to avoid a spanking, my subconscious will often push me towards one at great speed!
    Now, As the proud owner of a spanking machine and a regular user of said machine, I am delighted to read of your fascination with spanking machines! I can honestly report that back in my early explorations of all things spanking (some 12 years ago) I was without a disciplinarian and so took it upon myself to find a way to be thoroughly spanked. http://gemstrong63.com/2019/12/15/oh-wow-i-had-no-idea/ tells the story of how my ownership of said machine came about. It was a fun time, your post reminded me of it! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for this exciting comment, Gem. The humbling really is at the center of it. Being held accountable for bad behavior is the resolution of the story that fulfills the need. Otherwise, we’re left floating. In the past, I’ve tended to think of it as primarily a relieving of guilt, but I’ve come to see it’s more than that to me. Guilt may be part of it or not, but what I want to see and feel is the humbling balance of crime and punishment, that we’re not above the consequences and, in fact, helplessly vulnerable in receiving our comeuppance. If spanking is actually effective as discipline, that raises the degree of humility. Maybe my feelings about this are stronger because the authority and punitive control involved doesn’t match my personality all that well. Not being comfortable with it seems to be its power.

      I do love the idea of a spanking machine but, as a self-discipline tool, I think it can only go so far to provide the humbling aspect. A human disciplinarian plays such a vital role in it, and is the one controlling the machine. Maybe with AI, someday they’ll be able to program a convincing robotic authority figure. πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading about your experiences with the machine. I’m totally impressed that you own one!

  3. In fairness my owning one was a happy accident, but I am forever grateful it made its timely appearance in my life. As far as it not being the best humbler in the self discipline aspect, I would agree to a point. It depends on who is in control of the machine. For a good while my partner and I lived on different continents so discipline was obviously an issue. The spanking machine came into it’s own during that time as my partner would select how long, what power and what instrument would be used. It helped that the internet is a great connector and so he could see what was happening even though he wasn’t actually wielding the rod so to speak. Before that period though, I got to a point when I was between disciplinarians (after having two at the same time) where I thought, y’know what? I’m going back to self discipline again, it’s much less complicated than its human counterparts have proved to be. Alas the machine is of course programmable but predictable. There is also a huge temptation to turn the power down, shorten the length of the punishment etc so it became almost redundant for me. I wasn’t feeling that original humility, I wasn’t taking the machine spanking as seriously as I would had it been my disciplinarian stood behind me with a cane or a paddle etc.
    I’ve had some time away from spanking this last year or so and I have recently returned to the machine because I was missing that aspect of my life. The machine did its work perfectly this time around, I felt every stroke, I ended up in tears and I truly did feel like I had been punished and quite humbled, it doesn’t matter that it was a machine administering the punishment, the pain was real and while it cleansed it also focused my mind on the things I had been doing that were counterproductive to my wellbeing.
    And, much like any good disciplinarian, the machine has left it’s ‘mark’ on my behind, in fact it left 12 stripes for 3 days straight. I was impressed and distressed all at the same time. They were sore!
    Enjoy the read my friend, and welcome aboard!

    1. Gem, self-discipline is nothing to minimize. That you were able to effectively punish yourself gives me a greater appreciation for the machine. You’re both the disciplinarian and the one being punished. You have a tool that you know can be utilized whenever spanking discipline is needed, you just need to be strict enough with yourself.

      Though I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a spanking machine, having never used one, I wasn’t sure how effective an actual one could be for someone looking for a more impactful punishment. I’m impressed that it left its mark on your behind for several days. As discipline, the machine can leave you with a tangible lesson, and in a prolonged state of being punished.

      1. I relied on my machine quite heavily in the last 12 or so months. It left its mark on me on a regular basis. I could feel the effects for days afterwards which would prompt me to remember why I felt that way!
        I’m so glad you find this an interesting subject! With the exception of Nora, I think everyone else has just not commented on the use of it. πŸ™‚

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