A childish fit of rage. Have you been guilty? Do you throw regular tantrums? Just every now and then when things really boil over and you lose control? Is your tantrum thrown as a conscious manipulation to get your way? Or is it an irrational lashing out against forces you know you can’t control? Are there specific issues you’re aware of that you expect will trigger these emotional outbursts?

I’m interested in answers to these questions, but I hope you’re not expecting a clinical or self-help article on anger management here. Even if I had some good advice, that’s not a subject for this blahg.

The subject is discipline. What power do we have as adults to handle this anger management issue? We tend to want to discourage children from throwing tantrums. It’s not an appropriate way for a child to act. It’s noisy and unpleasant, causing quite an unseemly disturbance, could possibly result in damaged property or feelings if allowed to go so far. It stands to reason a tantrum is not something we like to see performed by an adult. It is actually rather embarrassing if truth be told. Sometimes, though, a good tantrum takes us where we need to be.

I once read: “I think I was in the right, but the way I behaved was… wrong. Tantrum is probably the best way to describe it.”  

Anger can be perfectly understandable. How frustrating is it to be right but told you’re wrong? Or when life throws you a cruel curve, and the only answer you have is to throw a fine fit? The reaction is bad behavior, indeed. What makes it good?

A tantrum is raw emotion. Out of control emotion and, yes, for an adult, disgracefully childish. The appropriate and needed response is a spanking. We want to discourage this behavior, however, a strong relationship is one that can not only survive a tantrum being thrown but thrive on it. A spanking is the perfect fit as punishment for this childish lack of self-control, and we also have this satisfying symmetry in that the reaction to a really good spanking is yet another tantrum. The whole scenario is the catharsis of letting go.

3 thoughts on “Tantrum

  1. Great post, Franz! I can’t say that I’ve had very many tantrums as an adult…but, over the years…there have a been a few. I am grateful that my husband usually recognizes this for what it is and gives me a good spanking. He is a fan of on-the-spot spankings in these kinds of situations.

    1. Thank you, nora! I think it’s the rare tantrum that I find most agreeable, it that’s the right word for it. If one negotiates life with constant fits of rage, or withdrawal and sulking as another form of similar expression, it suggests a significant underlying problem that punishment may not help to manage. It’s that rarer occasion that can imbue a spanking with real emotional power and also turns it into therapy.

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